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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rauner Attack on Trial Lawyers, Supreme Court Unwarranted

Illinois news has recently been littered with incendiary comments from our newly elected Governor aimed at trial lawyers, injury victims, and the Illinois Supreme Court.  It seems that Governor Rauner feels personal injury lawyers as well as the innocent victims they represent our clogging our court system, causing businesses to leave the state, and harming our economy.  With respect to the Supreme Court, Governor Rauner is extremely blunt in stating that its justices simply cannot be trusted.

What truly cannot be trusted is our Governor's version of reality.  

The facts are as follows.  Fact 1: the overwhelming majority of lawsuits filed in this state are by businesses suing other businesses.  Fact 2: decreasing citizens' access to the court system and ability to recover for severe injuries benefits big business and insurance companies, and no one else.  Fact 3: Illinois Supreme Court justices are elected. Therefore, the check on their ability to be "trusted", is your ability to vote them off the bench if their integrity comes into question.

Anyone who has ever been victim of serious injury, medical malpractice, or a workplace accident knows that our court system and injury lawyers are vital to obtaining justice.  It would be absurd to suggest that a corporation should be ensured complete access to the justice system but an injured person should be faced with caps on the damages they can recover, immunities that bar them from filing suit, or a plethora of other obstacles.  However, this scenario is exactly what the head of the Illinois executive branch is peddling.  

Don't be fooled by empty rhetoric void of facts.  The right to pursue justice in court is vital to all of us and need be protected at all costs.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lawyers Make a Difference

The number one goal in a personal injury case is always to secure compensation for your client's injuries to the fullest extent possible under the law.  A secondary goal, however, is to ensure that dangerous products, business practices, and/or negligent conduct is corrected.

The General Motors litigation that has recently dominated the national news is a great example of this secondary goal of personal injury law.  GM's malfeasance with respect to hiding known defects in vehicles it produced was uncovered by Plaintiffs' lawyers searching for answers as to why clients' relatives were needlessly killed and/or seriously harmed.  Eventually, through these individuals' tireless efforts, it was revealed that GM hid known defects with the ignition switches of vehicles that cost people their lives.

In this instance, in addition to securing compensation for families harmed by GM's reprehensible conduct, Plaintiffs' lawyers' work exposed GM's completely improper actions and forced a recall of a plethora of unsafe, defective vehicles.  This constituted a positive change for consumers and the public who were taken out of harms way of future accidents and potential serious injury.

Far too often personal injury attorneys are cast in a negative light.  The insurance lobby rallies hard against lawyers who seek to hold individuals and corporations responsible for catastrophic injuries they cause others.  It is extremely important that the public recognize that Plaintiffs' lawyers fulfill a very important societal role in taking wrongdoers to account for improper conduct and seeking to have it corrected in the future.  In this way, personal injury lawyers secure positive change for everyone.    


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